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Ambrose University College in Calgary is the Nazarene place of higher education in Canada.

Pastor Steve Grove

I grew up in a strong, evangelical Christian home with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I lived in one house from the age of 3 until I went to college (a rarity in these days!) in Bramalea, Ontario. I attended both an Evangelical Missionary Church as well as a Fellowship Baptist Church. The biggest influence on my life was Christian Service Brigade. I participated in this gender specific ministry from the age of 8 and am still involved in various ways with this organization today!

Bonnie, Pastor Steve, Heather, ben When I was 6 years old I knew I needed Jesus to save me from myself: I knew even at that young age that I couldn't do anything to help me get myself to heaven. While a camper at Camp Kakeka at the age of 12 I made a special commitment, a full surrender to God that has directed me for the rest of my life.

After a semester at university I attended Emmanuel Bible College. It was there that I felt God calling me to full time ministry. After finishing a 4 year Bachelor of Theology degree I then completed a Master of Theological Studies degree (youth major) at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, Ontario. After serving as a pastor in 2 Evangelical Missionary churches and a few jobs outside of pastoral ministry God has led me to Saskatoon with the Church of the Nazarene.

I am married to a most wonderful woman, Bonnie, who is very much my partner and support in ministry. She is an author! Her non-fiction book published March 1, 2009 by Beacon Hill Press titled Your Best You is at the core of a women's conference we regularly run here at Louise Street Community Church of the Nazarene. She also has a fiction book being published by David C Cook. Talking To The Dead released back in June 2009 to critical acclaim. We have 2 children, Ben and Heather, who love life, laughter, and a good knock-knock joke.

I currently blog my weekly sermons here on our website. There is a Q & A time after each sermon on Sundays for anyone to respond with a question or comment or point of impact; and you can leave a comment on the blog too.  We are all on this journey together, and I welcome comments and input. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.